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Of Mice and Men

Faculty of Arts – Red Library

Deleuze’s ABCA as in Animal
What: Screening
When: 7-8:30 PM
Language: French with English subtitles

Veletržní palác – Auditorium

Taking Animals Seriously: What Does It Change for Ethics and Politics?
Who: Corine Pelluchon
What: Short Lecture
When: 7 PM
Language: English

Joint attention as the key to the difference between man and other animals
Who: Petr Urban
What: Short Lecture
When: 7:30 PM
Language: Czech

Je život povrchní? Evoluce jevové stránky organismů“ (in Czech)
Who: Karel Kleisner
What: Short Lecture
When: 8 PM
Language: Czech

Images of Sick Animals: Animal Pain At a Distance
Who: Frédéric Keck
What: Screening and Comments
When: 8:45-9:45 PM
Language: English